The Beginning of the End


Meet Katy Garza, your typical post-highschool Latinx teenager. She works at a grocery store as a bagger so she can save for college, takes free mental health advice from the internet, and endures the ridicule of her manager and customers, but overall she can’t complain.

That is until the Voices become too much to handle. Each Voice is tied to a feeling she can’t seem to contain, and they’re ready to come out and play. When they start to impact the world around her, she begins to suspect the Voices may be more real than they appear. After a series of brushes with Death himself, suddenly racist shoppers and too-high tuition seem less critical.

Join Katy as she discovers what it means to be alive (while trying to avoid kicking the bucket), learns to let go of the past, and how the only place to go when you hit rock bottom is up.

You can navigate the chapters below by clicking on the titles. Currently undergoing rewrites for publication.

Chapter One: Not Today, Satan

Chapter Two: A Broken Wine Bottle

Chapter Three: Hate Has A Name

Chapter Four: Knights of the Discount Table

Chapter Five: You Need to Smile More

Chapter Six: Schrodinger’s Mexican

Chapter Seven: And Hell Followed with Him

Chapter Eight: Going Viral

Chapter Nine: Let’s Get High At The Park!

Chapter Ten: Yes, There’s A Sex Scene

Chapter Eleven: Telling It Like It Is

Chapter Twelve: Losing My Voice

Chapter Thirteen: Free At Last

Chapter Fourteen: Death, Meet Katy

Chapter Fifteen: Hating You Would Make This So Much Easier

Chapter Sixteen: One of the Good Ones

Chapter Seventeen: The End

Image by JL G from Pixabay

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