News Break: “Think about who came before us, who is here now, and how we can build a future,” an interview with Writer Reyes Ramirez

Latinx Heritage Month is here: the celebratory month takes place every year from September 15th to October 15th. To commemorate, News Break is highlighting amazing Hispanics, Latinos, and Latinx people in the Greater Houston area. Read the rest on News Break.

Read “10 missing people in Houston, Gabby Petito case turns heads to overlooked cases” on News Break

If you’ve read the news or scrolled through social media lately, you probably know about Gabby Petito. A travel blogger and influencer, Petito’s case has grabbed attention across the US and around the world. Her remains were found, but the search continues for her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, according to CNN. Read the rest on News Break.