Chapter Three: Hate Has A Name

↩️ Chapter Two Luna’s neon sign hums back at me. I laugh maniacally to myself. It’s fitting that this would be my final resting place. I make my way in, past the customers, managers, cashiers, and baggers, and reach the dairy aisle. I push through the Employee Only entrance and open the walk-in dairy freezer. MyContinue reading “Chapter Three: Hate Has A Name”

Chapter One: Not Today, Satan

↩️ Book Synopsis I run along the unfamiliar gravel road for as long as I can until I trip in a pothole. Panting, I feel the painful vibrations travel through my scraped knees. I don’t know if I can make it, I think. In a few seconds, He will catch me, and I’ll be done for.Continue reading “Chapter One: Not Today, Satan”