Your voice matters. And I’m here to help it sing.

Improving content

Not sure if your blog, article, website, or book is ready for the world? Need a second pair of eyes to go over your rough draft?

What I provide

Rewriting content via track changes
Restructuring sentences and paragraphs
Cutting/adding content
Staying true to the central theme of your work
Checking for plagiarism

Not my first rodeo

I am a professional writer with years of experience. I am willing to rewrite any content at any drafting stage.

Clear pricing

My rate is $50/500 words. Additional revisions cost $40 each.



She did exactly what was needed!! Thank you!


Great work! Very professional and engaging


Very responsive, talented, and a quick delivery. Thank you.


This was way better than i could have imagined. She took what i gave her and created a masterpiece. I love her style and how she communicated with me to make sure the final product was better than advertised. I will use her again and again and again. Thank You!!1



What will you need from me to complete my project?

Please provide the length of your work and instructions I should follow. I accept content in Google or Word doc format.

What does your service NOT include?

Formatting, graphic design, academic content, or plagiarizing other people’s work.

What is plagiarism exactly?

According to, plagiarism is “copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit,” “failing to put a quotation in quotation marks,” “changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit,” and much more. Visit for additional information.

Let’s get started!

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