Your voice matters. And I’m here to help it sing.

Developmental, content, & line editing

Not sure if your manuscript is ready to be published? Need feedback regarding plot, pacing, character development, structure, dialogue, repetition, readability, or setting?

I’m happy to help! In addition, I check for inconsistencies, blatant factual errors, contradictions, theme clarity and development, and voice/tone effectiveness.

Finally, I look at your manuscript line by line and analyze word choice, meaning, wordiness, redundancies, clunky sentences, clichés, showing vs. telling, emotional impact, transition, and unnatural phrasing.

What I provide

An annotated manuscript
One-page editorial report
Helpful suggestions
Minor rewrites
Light proofreading (obvious errors)

Not my first rodeo

I am a professional with years of experience. I’m willing to edit just about any genre at any stage.

Clear pricing

My rate is $28/1k words. Additional services include:

Continuous feedback ($20)
Write a synopsis of your story ($200)
Write a 200-word Amazon book description ($80)
Additional revisions ($28/1k words)



I bought precisely what I paid for, from a very understanding and helpful editor. Would definitely recommend.


Excellent Seller! I am very happy with the results of the developmental edit, some great comments were made for improvement! It was great to have an extra set of eyes on my project.


She was great! I loved her suggestions and will use her again for my content editing. She is priced fairly and delivers on time.


Needed a nonfiction developmental edit and Christy was prompt and her comments were appropriate and helpful. Recommend using her services.


I’m a first-time author and wanted another person’s reaction/input on my book. Christy was responsive, flexible and oh so gracious when I called audibles during the gig. Her input will make my book much better. I’d definitely work with Christy again!


Very responsive before we started and after she finished. I appreciate all her hard work to make my manuscript shine!


I was always worried about this part, hiring an editor. I checked the area around for a developmental editor and she was the best out there! She made me worry less about the process and showed me how editors are friendly, unlike what I thought in the beginning. She also pointed out the good parts you had, not only the bad ones you need to fix. She had 72,610 words developmentally edited perfectly, with a short amount of time less than a week. Highly recommend this seller and would definitely hire her again.


Christy provided excellent feedback on my book proposal – copy edits, word use, clarifying statements and suggestions on organization. She also answered my follow up questions thoroughly. The project was completed on time. I will definitely use Christy for future projects.


Incredible to work with. I’ve published multiple books and she was my favorite editor to work with.


Christy gave great feedback on my manuscript. I accepted all of her changes because they made my writing so much better. Her turnaround time was very fast. I will definitely use her services again.



What will you need from me to complete my project?

Please provide the genre, length, and a short summary of your work. I accept manuscripts in Google or Word doc format.

Do you provide sample edits?

Yes! I can provide a five-page double-spaced sample edit at your request.

What is your editing process?

I complete dev, content, and line edits in one round, all at once. Once you’ve completed your own changes, you can send your manuscript back to me for another round (if needed). Additional rounds cost $28/1k words.

What does your service NOT include?

Academic projects, formatting, copy editing, or full proofreading.

Let’s get started!

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