I Am Not The Enemy

Yesterday inspired a lot of feelings in me – shock and anger mostly – but the weirdest part was reading comments and seeing the utter hatred people have for each other. “Liberals/Democrats/Fill In The Blank are no longer Americans/patriots/good/etc.,” “thugs”, “animals,” and all sorts of childish name-calling. And it’s like… I’m a patriot? I’m anContinue reading “I Am Not The Enemy”

Chapter Eight: Going Viral

In which Katy headbutts a guy, becomes an internet sensation (the bad kind), and the Racist finally gets what he deserves. The Beginning of the End: A Grocery Store Horror Story Table of Contents ↩️Chapter Seven I reach the back of the library and see the Voices gather around a wooden table. Guy’s back isContinue reading “Chapter Eight: Going Viral”