Read “Latinx: A Filter For Potential Homophobes” On LatinaMedia.Co

I love the word Latinx. But if you’ve participated in “Hispanic” social media over the last few years, there are people who absolutely. Hate. It. “What the hell is Latinx?” “Nobody I know uses that word.” “Ugh, gringos need to stop.” I get it: it’s new, identity is important, and people should label themselves as theyContinue reading “Read “Latinx: A Filter For Potential Homophobes” On LatinaMedia.Co”

Chapter Eleven: Telling It Like It Is

In which Katy wakes up to bacon and gets the breath knocked out of her (twice). The Beginning of the End: A Grocery Store Horror Story Table of Contents ↩️Chapter Ten I instinctively back away from Tom. Arnold, however, has other plans. He strides over to my almost-murderer, grips his collar with both hands, andContinue reading “Chapter Eleven: Telling It Like It Is”