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I love the word Latinx. But if you’ve participated in “Hispanic” social media over the last few years, there are people who absolutely. Hate. It. “What the hell is Latinx?” “Nobody I know uses that word.” “Ugh, gringos need to stop.” I get it: it’s new, identity is important, and people should label themselves as they see fit. But I can’t help but think that one of the reasons my community members are so resistant to the word is the age-old problem of homophobia.

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Women have found themselves in quite the conundrum: simultaneously with too much work (at home) and not enough work (in the business world). According to the Institute For Women’s Policy Research, “on an average day, women in the United States spend 37 percent more time on unpaid household and care work than men.” It isn’t a secret that women have been burdened with unpaid mental, emotional, and even physical labor to a higher degree than men.

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