Beta Read

Your voice matters. And I’m here to help it sing.

Only constructive criticism

Not sure if your manuscript is ready to be published? Need feedback regarding plot, pacing, character development, consistency, or setting?

What I provide

An annotated manuscript
One-page analysis
Helpful suggestions
Light proofreading (obvious errors)

Not my first rodeo

I am a professional beta reader with years of experience reading fiction and nonfiction. I am willing to beta read any genre at any stage.

Clear pricing

My rate is $7/1k words. Additional services include:

Continuous feedback ($20)
Write a synopsis of your story ($200)
Write a 200-word Amazon book description ($80)



Great feedback on the novel. Such great thought! I laughed, and teared up at some of her comments! Truly gave me some good feedback where to take the novel!


Christy did a superb job with my WIP novel. I couldn’t be more pleased. Recommend!


Fantastic experience. Great feedback and quick turnaround. Exactly what I needed at this stage of my project.


Wonderful experience! Fast turnaround and honest, detailed feedback on my manuscript. Will definitely use again in the future!


This critique provided valuable perspective on the manuscript. The well documented comments were honest and will go a long way to help to improve the story. I had two other beta reads and this was far and away the best. She caught many details that the others missed. Great feedback. I look forward to sending her Books Two and Three of the series


Christy had some great insight into parts of the book that hadn’t been picked up by anyone else.


Great feedback on my novel. Side notes were very helpful in pointing out specific spots in the text where issues popped up, and she discussed the overall strengths and weaknesses of the story.



What will you need from me to complete my project?

Please provide the genre, length, and a short summary of your work. I accept manuscripts in Google or Word doc format.

What does your service NOT include?

Formatting, copy editing, or full proofreading.

Let’s get started!

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