New Website, Same Enthusiasm

I finally bought my own domain and redesigned my website for my business.

*Commence internal squeals of happiness.*

I was strangely sad about letting go of my old WordPress site, with its cute sticky notes, floral background, and patchwork quality. It was fun, but it didn’t portray how seriously I took my business and personal writing. now lists my services, books, and the customer reviews I’ve collected over the past three years. Check it out, and let me know if you love it or where I can improve.

I’ll keep posting my book chapters and thoughts, so the spirit of my online presence is the same; it just looks a little different. Until next time!

Published by Christy Leos

Hi! I’m Christy Leos – Writer, Editor, and Author with a background in English Literature, social media, digital content creation, and access to justice work for marginalized communities. 📌When I write, I am the best version of myself; I am a storyteller.📌 📣 Work featured on News Break, LatinaMedia.Co, ABC13, Southern Laced, and

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