I Am Not The Enemy

Yesterday inspired a lot of feelings in me – shock and anger mostly – but the weirdest part was reading comments and seeing the utter hatred people have for each other. “Liberals/Democrats/Fill In The Blank are no longer Americans/patriots/good/etc.,” “thugs”, “animals,” and all sorts of childish name-calling.

And it’s like… I’m a patriot? I’m an American who tries to help others, but I’m not perfect. Yes, I’m almost a stereotype – liberal, AOC follower, SJW, LGBT, feminist, #BLM, and I don’t cringe at the idea of socialism – but that doesn’t make me the Enemy or Evil.

And the same goes for conservatives and Republicans – they are human and a product of their environment, like me. They live, work, play, love, and die like everyone else.

The dehumanization of each other needs to stop.

That doesn’t mean we stop debating/fighting for what we believe in (I don’t see myself ever voting conservative), but maybe we can approach each other with empathy and love. I also know this isn’t always possible, but I can dream.

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

Published by Christy Leos

Hi! I’m Christy Leos – Writer, Editor, and Author with a background in English Literature, social media, digital content creation, and access to justice work for marginalized communities. πŸ“ŒWhen I write, I am the best version of myself; I am a storyteller.πŸ“Œ πŸ“£ Work featured on News Break, LatinaMedia.Co, ABC13, Southern Laced, and InspirationalBlogs.com.

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