Mosque Burner

sweet and strange

clown in Drama class

fond of fire

news clipping narrated






cloth and wood charcoaled

statements of fear and suffering

escape or else

fireside stolen by flame

and silent antagonists  


that makes sense

he was always a weird one


small town of racists are seething

one of their offspring

burns down a building

villagers don’t want to be the villains

still they are grateful for the fires they start


are we destined to be arsonists?  

screaming for salvation

we throw the molotovs willingly

upon those we don’t understand

Photo: File Photo /Victoria Advocate

Published by Christy Leos

Hi! I’m Christy Leos – Writer, Editor, and Author with a background in English Literature, social media, digital content creation, and access to justice work for marginalized communities. 📌When I write, I am the best version of myself; I am a storyteller.📌 📣 Work featured on News Break, LatinaMedia.Co, ABC13, Southern Laced, and

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